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by using SprayGreen Liquid Fertilizer

How to save waterA healthy lawn and healthy landscape environment reduces water usage by 70%. The average home uses 400 gallons of water a day just to water their landscaping. That can be cut by 2/3 with simple water management!

Just in Southern California alone - there are 2,780,000. home owners that are wasting 86% of water, because their lawn and/or landscaping needs are being drenched with the use of too much water.

Our recommendation at SprayGreen, is that during the summer months you set your timer for 3 minutes at 1am, and 3 minutes at 3am. The reason for the 2 separate times, is that your putting down the same amount of water if you were to water 6 minutes, but in that 6 minutes, 60% of the water runs off. We recommend the same amount of water twice at night, giving the water time to soak in.

During the winter months, we recommend 2 minutes at 1am, and 2 minutes at 3am, every other day. When you see a chance of rain, always remember to shut off your irrigation timer. With these easy watering tips, you can reduce your water usage by up to 70%, which would also have a substantial water bill reduction that is certinly noticable! After the water and fertilization recommendations, you will see a substantial drop in your winter bill, as well as your fertilization needs, and save money.

Reduce your water usage-save our water, save money


We, at SprayGreen, through many years of research and development, realize that using liquid fertilizer is much more effective because liquid starts activating immediately compared to granulated fertilizer that will take much more water to dissolve. With SprayGreen, you not only have the number 1 rated fertilizer, but it also controls weeds, which lowers your maintenance and saves you time and money.

"For us at SprayGreen, it's all about your landscape, water conservation, and customer satisfaction!"

SprayGreen makes even the greenest lawn flourish and look healthier after just one spray, and it works miracles with damaged and unkempt grass. SprayGreen is also safe to use on the entire landscape. SprayGreen's Organic formula is wholesome, and doesn't pose a hazard to kids, pets, waterways, wildlife, or the environment. You can feel confident that SprayGreen will create a healthier, more vibrant landscape without having to worry about any side effects.

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