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Hi Profit - Low Investment!

SprayGreen has the highest profit return of any lawn care distributorship in the industry, yet, has the lowest investment cost. How do we do this?
Be your own boss

Well, at SprayGreen, we believe that you deserve to keep the money you earn. So, there are no monthly fees of any kind—no franchise fees, no monthly percentage or royalties. There are no hidden taxes or costs we surprise you with.

That's because SprayGreen makes its money only on the "juice" (the liquid fertilizer), which the distributors buy directly from SprayGreen. Our product is sold exclusively thru SprayGreen and only to distributors. So, when we say that our distributor's success is our success, we mean that—literally. After all, if you're not getting accounts and spraying people's lawns, then you won't be buying the fertilizer, which means that we won't be making money either.

Our revolutionary product and unique business model helps you earn a high profit margin by keeping overhead to a minimum while offering a unique service that is exclusively yours to offer.

A Typical Scenario

Let's look at the average family home. The front and back yards are generally about 4,000 square feet. This 4,000 square feet will take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. And, for less than what many pest control companies charge for just pest control, SprayGreen provides complete lawn fertilization with a safe, chemical-free, organic pest control component built in.

Distributor spraying lawn

You'll be able to do three to four applications per hour in a typical neighborhood, and provide your customers with lawn care and pest control in a single treatment, saving them money. In short, the amount you can make as a SprayGreen distributor is limited only by how much time you put into it!

And you do this by providing your customers with complete lawn care and pest control in a single treatment, saving them a considerable amount of money. This is how we keep our customers and generate repeat business—by keeping the price for an application low, customers can afford to request the service every month.

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