Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Trees and Shrubs
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SprayGreen landscape and lawn fertilizer

What is SprayGreen?

  Benefits of SprayGreen
• Lawn and Garden
• Roses and Flowers
• Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables
• Trees and Shrubs
• Weeds and Pests

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Using SprayGreen on Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs will benefit from SprayGreen's patented pesticide-free formula.

Trees will grow stronger, develop deeper roots, trunks, and branches, and thicker foliage. You'll be rewarded with more shade in the spring and summer, and less danger from fallen trees and branches during storms.

Liquid Fertilizer for Trees and Shrubs

Shrubs will grow thicker and healthier across your property. Ornamentals and hedges will produce a fuller structure, resulting in better looking borders and garden sculptures. And because SprayGreen strengthens the plant from the roots up, you can be guaranteed that your shrubs will last for many, many seasons to come, without outgrowing their support system.

For those looking for an excellent FRANCHISE business opportunity, SprayGreen distributorships are currently available. SprayGreen is the highest profit, lowest overhead FRANCHISE distributorship available in the landscape industry!

Our complete lawncare system will get you started quickly, and with consumers waiting for your service offering, there is no end to the possibilities! Call now and get your distributorship started.

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